Clean water is essential for healthy living, but municipal water supplies may contain harmful contaminants like chlorine, lead, carbon, and more. These contaminants affect the taste and smell and may affect your family’s well-being.

That’s where professional-grade water filtration from Hague Quality Water comes in. Our innovative systems provide targeted treatment to remove specific contaminants from your San Diego County home’s water supply.

Common Contaminants in Water and How Filters Help

Here’s a look at some of the major contaminants that water filters can help remove:


Municipal water treatment facilities widely use chlorine to kill bacteria and pathogens. However, ingesting too much chlorine has been linked to respiratory problems, an increased risk of cancer, and dry skin and hair. A carbon water filter effectively reduces chlorine levels in your home’s water.


Lead contamination stems from aging water pipes and service lines made from lead or containing lead solder. Ingesting too much lead puts you at risk for delayed development in children, kidney problems, high blood pressure, and more. Many filters use ion exchange resins to capture and remove lead from drinking water.

Carbon Contaminants

Carbon contaminants like benzene and other volatile organic compounds can enter water supplies through industrial waste or runoff. Ingesting these chemicals has been linked to increased cancer risk. Solid carbon block filters are considered one of the best defenses against these contaminants.

Other Contaminants

Quality water filters can also reduce levels of arsenic, nitrates or nitrites, fluoride, bacteria, pharmaceutical residues, heavy metals like mercury, and more. Multi-stage filtration tackles the widest range of possible contaminants.

Treatment for Every Water Quality Concern

We offer several proven filtration options designed to enhance your water supply comprehensively, no matter the contaminant issue:

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Drinking Water Systems

  • Treat for over 60 contaminants, including arsenic, fluoride, lead, chromium, nitrates or nitrites, and more.
  • Models like the H3500 filter down to an incredible 1-micron.
  • Non-electric H6000 reduces utility costs with zero electric components.
  • H3500 drinking water filter system extends membrane life and improves water purity.
  • Systems are pre-tested and certified by the Water Quality Association (WQA).

Iron Filters

  • Utilize an innovative natural oxidation process to trap dissolved iron before it enters pipes.
  • Effectively stops unsightly reddish-brown rust staining on fixtures, clothing, and dishes.
  • Protects every faucet, shower, tub, toilet, dishwasher, and appliance from discoloration.
  • Self-sustaining design with no consumable filter cartridges to replace.

Sulfur Filters

  • Oxidize and remove hydrogen sulfide gas responsible for rotten egg sulfur odors.
  • Advanced systems improve harsh sulfur tastes caused by high contamination levels.
  • Self-refreshing oxidation process means no maintenance or filter cartridge changes are needed.
  • Compact design fits in tight spaces like basements and utility rooms.

For heavy-duty commercial, industrial, and large residential needs, we offer robust commercial RO systems like the LC100P:

  • Built to handle up to 100 gallons per day of filtered water.
  • Maintains high flow rates with no pressure drop during filtration.
  • High-capacity 20″ pre and post-sediment filters for maximum particle removal.
  • Light and durable construction designed for years of reliable service.

With systems targeting every major water contamination issue, from arsenic to hardness to chlorine tastes, we have an advanced filtration solution to provide clean, refreshing water throughout your San Diego property.

Don’t let poor water quality any longer affect your San Diego County home or business. Hague Quality Water has cost-effective solutions to treat your specific contaminant issues and improve water taste, odor, and safety. Contact us today!

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